Hog roast

With our Hog Roast your guests won't go hungry!
We provide the whole pig cooked and ready to go with professional staff to carve and serve to your guests.
All our pigs are sourced locally and are free range.

Our hog roasts come with all the salads including home made coleslaw, potato salad and pasta salad, baps, sauces and stuffing as standard unless otherwise stated. A vegetarian quiche or something similar can be included for your vegetarian guests.

If you think that the pig alone would be enough or just some more choice for your party of guests why not add a buffet to accompany it with a menu of your choice or let us help with what we find most popular.
All prices are upon request. Minimum 100 guests

Hot meat buffet
With our hot meat buffet you can choose up-to 3 different meats to give your guests the best variety; the buffets can be accompanied by either a full salad or potatoes & vegetables.
Vegetarian options are available please ask for details.
The buffets will be brought to your event and served to your guests by our friendly and professional staff.
Prices start from £5.00 per head with a minimum of 20 guests

Cold buffet
Cold finger buffets are available for all occasions or as part of you hog roast menu.
We are very flexible when it comes to making the right buffet for you and your guests, we will communicate with you and see what you want on your menu and price it accordingly.
Prices start from £2.50 per head with a minimum of 20 guests

Hot dogs

New to Double Vision we have Hot Dogs, the hot dogs will be cooked at your event and served to your guests using our cart. It comes as a complete package with Hot Dogs, rolls, onions, sauces, cheeses, salad, plus extras then proper hot dog trays and napkins

Vegetarian option available upon request

There will be a minimum of 2 uniformed staff to cook and serve the hot dogs and keep all the sides topped up. The serving time for the hot dogs will be approximately an hour unless requested longer although this may encour a small fee.

Prices upon request