Small wine glass
175ml CE marked

Martini Glass

Tall Half pint 
CE marked

Unbranded pint
CE Marked

Kilner drinks dispenser

5 litre - 1 in stock


Kilner drinks dispenser

8 litre - 1 in stock


Electric water boiler
20 litre - 1 in stock

Trestle table

6 foot - 3 in stock


Fitted table cloth

6 foot - 1 in stock


Melamine platters


Large wine glass

250ml CE marked


Champagne flute



Half pint 

CE marked


Premium Half pint

CE Marked


Water Jug

1 Litre 


Chafing dish with fuel

3 in stock


Fitted table cloth 

6 foot - 2 in stock


Melamine plates


Hire Items

Terms & conditions


Travel cost is charged at £0.40p per mile for delivery and collection and is calculated both ways from the business address.


Items can be brought back dirty however will be subject to a cleaning fee.


Any items that come back chipped, cracked or don't come back due to breakage will be charge at the price it costs to replace the item.

PAT Testing:

All electrical items are PAT tested once a year. 


The hirer takes responsibility for all items once they have been delivered until they have been collected.

If there is anything not on the page you would like or if we don't have enough of something please ask and we will see if we can get it for you.